Victory for property rights

The Court of Appeal has upheld a High Court ruling that Church Property Trustees is entitled to demolish Christchurch Cathedral if it constructs a new cathedral on the same site.

Derek Golding  took photos of cathedral’s stained glass windows taken in 2007 which show how beautiful the building was before the earthquake.

But this is what it looked like in March.

cathedral march

New Zealand’s built heritage is young by world standards. Preservation of historic buildings for future generations should be taken seriously but not done at all costs.

The Cathedral has been regarded as public property but it isn’t.

It’s the property of the church and the decision on whether it is possible or preferable to attempt to preserve what’s left of the building is theirs.

By ruling in the trustees’ favour the court has upheld their property rights.

7 Responses to Victory for property rights

  1. Andrei says:

    It is the Lord’s house and if the Lord wants it rebuilt it will be and the Faithful will do it.

    I wonder how often these fuss wudgers attend Church and how often they will pray in the temple if/when it rises again?


  2. Andrei says:

    Funny how you never hear about the Catholic Cathedral in all this fuss fuss fussing – it was a far nicer building imho


  3. Gravedodger says:

    And the one leading the charge to oppose demolition is a Roman Catholic (belief status unknown), former troughmaster general, The Honorable James Patrick Anderton.


  4. Armchair Critic says:

    I knew that one day there would be something we agreed on, Ele. The Anglican diocese is clearly the decision-maker on the fate of their cathedral and it should never have taken legal action to confirm this.
    There is a clear separation, in my mind, between “who makes the decision” and “what is the decision”. In this case I would like to see the cathedral saved, as much as is possible, and I acknowledge that my opinion, as an individual who has no religious inclinations (except during large earthquakes 🙂 ), counts for nothing.


  5. scrubone says:

    As I often point out to people, the parts of the cathedral that were identified as “the cathedral”, the public facade, are gone. Steeple, gone. Rose window, gone. Most people do realise this and realise that it is time for something new.

    Sadly, the cathedral is not the only treasure on site. The treasures within have been exposed to the weather all this time, because it has not been safe to enter.


  6. Paul Walker says:

    A victory for property rights indeed. A small victory may be, but pleasing to see nonetheless. Now let the Anglican Church get on with making a discussion about the fate of its property. Others have no right to try and usurp control over the cathedral away from its rightful owners.


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