Friday’s answers

Thursday’s questions were:

1. Who said: It is a pleasant thing to reflect upon, and furnishes a complete answer to those who contend for the gradual degeneration of the human species, that every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.?

2.  Who was the founder of Plunket and why was to society named that?

3. It’s naissance in French, nascita in Italian, nacimiento in Spanish and wherereitanga in Maori, what is it in English?

4. What is the significance of the new Prince’s names: George  Alexander Louis?

5. If you’d been able to choose your own name, would you have the one you’ve got?

Points for answers:

Andrei got three and a near-enough with a bonus for history for #3; Willdwan got three and a good guess for #3; and Gravedodger got three and a near-enough for #3 with a bonus for extra information.


1. Charles Dickens.

2. Sir Truby King,  It was named after an early patron, Victoria  Plunket mother of eight and wife of then Governor of New Zealand, William Plunket, 5th Baron Plunket.

3. Birth.

4. George after his great-grandfather, Alexander could be the masculine form of his grandmother’s middle name Alexandra and/or a hat tip to Scotland and Louis is one of his father’s names and is a tribute to Prince Charles’s late godfather, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

5. Had I had a choice I’d have opted for something most people would find easier to pronounce than Elspeth.

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