Treasury’s role to improve living standards

John Armstrong profiles Treasury head Gabriel Makhlouf who says:

“We see our role as being about improving living standards.That’s our job, full stop.”

This might well surprise people who think Treasury is only concerned about the economy but there’s a reason for that.

Only when the economy is running well and growing can we have sustained, and sustainable, improvement in living standards.

4 Responses to Treasury’s role to improve living standards

  1. robertguyton says:

    Improving living standards? That’ll be why they expressed serious concerns about the grubby Sky City deal. Why were their concerns swept aside, I wonder?


  2. Viv K says:

    We all know why Robert, because Treasury’s advice didn’t fit with the PM’s plans. Mr Key has ignored recommendations from the Privacy commisioner, the Human rights commission and the Law Society re the GCSB bill. That’s why it’s such a joke that he, as minister in charge, will have extra advisors. What’s the point of that? It doesn’t look like he listens to advice.


  3. robertguyton says:

    At least not from within New Zealand, Viv.


  4. jabba says:

    looks like treasury will be all powerful under a Gween Govt


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