Some chances should go by

The song says never let a chance go by . . .  and the Green Party obviously follows that advice.

Keeping Stock has a graphic over the name of Green Party MP Gareth Hughes making political capital out of the Cook Strait earthquakes.

If the  party eschewed all forms of transport fuelled by fossil fuels the message would have some credence.

But they’re prepared to use fuel from all sorts of places, many of which will have far lower safety and environmental standards than New Zealand so this is just a particularly opportunistic form of NIMBYism.
They’ll use fuel from someone else’s backyard but do their best to stop the economic growth and jobs which would come from extraction in ours.
There are some chances which should go by and this opportunity for a cheap political shot was one of them.

7 Responses to Some chances should go by

  1. jabba says:

    they buy carbon credits HP .. cheap as chips at the moment.
    When they do get into Govt, imagine the $$$$$$$$$$ they will make when they force the price up .. brilliant really

  2. robertguyton says:

    That’s right, Ele. When it comes to drilling the deep sea beds, don’t mention the earth quakes! We don’t want to frighten off Shell! Think of the economy for God’s sake!
    Risks to the environment?
    I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you – did you say there’s a risk the public might realise just how fool-hardy National’s drill-baby-drill mantra is?

  3. robertguyton says:

    “If the party eschewed all forms of transport fuelled by fossil fuels the message would have some credence.”
    What wrong-headed nonsense!
    As for not talking about the danger of earth quakes, because there’s been…an earth quake – equally nonsensical!
    Hughes makes the point that earth quake zones are not suitable for offering up to deep sea oil drillers. The NAct Government has done just that – it’s irresponsible and risky and all you Natty shills can say in response to the obvious problem demonstrated so clearly in Gareth’s graphic, is ‘the Greens use oil, therefore they are disqualified from commenting on this issue’.
    Soooooo lame.
    It’s the message, Ele, the message.
    A gracious woman like you shouldn’t be shooting the messenger.

  4. Andrei says:

    Oh you silly billy – it doesn’t matter where it is a suggested that we may drill for oil, fluffyheaded greens will come up with a reason why it is a very bad idea to drill there. That is predictable as the sun rising in the East

    If it isn’t earthquakes, it will be groundwater and if it isn’t groundwater it will be a species endangered earwigs – you greens are so predictable with your tiresome whining

  5. willdwan says:


  6. robertguyton says:

    The Cook Strait is being subject to significant earthquake activity right now. Andrei, do you think it would be wise to drill for oil in that zone? If not, do you think it’s wise of the Government to offer it up to drillers?

  7. Viv K says:

    You don’t have to exit the system to comment on the system. To say that the Greens use NZ’s current transport system and therefore can’t talk about fossil fuels is a ridiculous statement. The Greens are advocating for renewable powered energy and transport because climate change means we have to. Sadly the fossil fuel funded denial movement has fooled people into thinking we can ignore climate change (our kids and grandkids will suffer for it) so environmentalists are having to talk about other local reasons we shouldn’t drill/frack/mine.

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