Australia, NZ – what’s the difference?

Where were those earthquake yesterday?

Over at Keeping Stock there’s a report from the Las Vegas-based Guardian Express:

A severe earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 has erupted in an area 20 kilometers east of Seddon.

Seddon is a suburb 7 km west of Melbourne, Australia, with a population of about 4,851 people. It is located in the state of Victoria on the southeast tip of Australia.  The shock effects of the quake have been felt as far away as Napier, in Western Australia, 3,302 kilometers (2,066 miles) from Melbourne. . . .


KiwiinCanberra has the update:

Our publisher and editors deeply apologize for the errors in this article. To preserve our journalistic integrity, we have decided not to change one word of Tom Ukinski’s article. However, our team of reporters are working as fast as possible to provide you with the most accurate news and information covering the recent New Zealand earthquake. We expect to provide you with an update shortly, right here on this page.

Thanks for your patience. . . .

The original report gets a not-achieved for both geography and journalism, the apology gets a pass.

Foreigners often have trouble differentiating between the Australian and New Zealand accents.

Some think we’re connected to each other by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and others also don’t realise we’re separate countries.

Journalists and sub-editors are supposed to have a better grasp of geography than that though.

2 Responses to Australia, NZ – what’s the difference?

  1. Captain Fantastic says:

    They just left off several digits, & a minor grammatical error. It should have read that “Seddon is a suburb 2557 km EAST of Melbourne “.
    A basic math error that should correct itself given growing kiwi migration to Australia that, (as Sir Robert Muldoon pointed out years ago), raises the IQ in both New Zealand and Australia. And as more Aussies learn to read. Just what Wati Holmwood was helping them with at this stage is unclear.


  2. Kelly W-S says:

    You missed the bit where the follow up article contained photos of “damage” from the earthquake. Only problem with that was they used photos of a building that collapsed killing several people in the CHRISTCHURCH earthquake in 2011….


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