Fair? True?

Colin Espiner explains the anatomy of a coup and says of Labour leader David Shearer:

. . . Most people have no idea who he is, and those who do know think he’s a shambolic, equivocal, spineless ditherer with the political nous of a first-term MP. 

Shearer is a lovely man. I’d let him babysit my kids without hesitation. But to date he has revealed neither the fortitude nor the authority to lead a political party – let alone be a prime minister. . . .

Barry Soper is equally derisive:

Every time the hapless, Dithering David Shearer stood up in Parliament’s bear pit . . .

Is that fair? Is it true?

One Response to Fair? True?

  1. jabba says:

    Labour have a huge problem regarding a leader capable of taking on John Key. He dealt to Clark and Cullen in debates, Goff was simply outclassed and Shearer is being smashed. I thought he was the best choice but he is a dead loss. (I think he is a very nice man but he shouldn’t be in politics .. go fight war-lords Dave).
    The alternatives are horrible .. Cunliffe, Little, Jones, Ardern and Robertson .. good grief.

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