Coup count down

Duncan Garner tweets that a Labour leadership coup is on:

Good source. Coup on in Labour. Letter of no confidence being circulated. It’s over for Shearer. Watch for his resignation.

And in response to a tweet that Whaleoil was the source:

  2.  Wrong. Internal caucus source.


When asked if he was going to guess about the replacement he responded:

 Duncan Garner@Garner_Live 26m

Nope not doing guesses on that. Just saying what’s happening now. Little, Robertson, Cunliffe all in mix.


2 Responses to Coup count down

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    I hope Garner is correct. A competent leader is exactly what Labour needs, whereas an incompetent Labour leader is National’s best hope for winning the next election.

  2. Andrei says:

    Little, Robertson, Cunliffe all in mix.

    Three pseuds who got their start in politics as student politicians, three pseuds who have never met the business end of a pick, shovel, or a sledgehammer and couldn’t tell a G-clamp from a micrometer.

    Labour is not the party of the working man – it is the party of unemployable, upper middle class twits devoid of any real skills except for bullshitting

    Question 1: Since Grant Robertson has a “husband” does he count as a woman for the quota?

    Question 2: Why does anybody vote for these clowns?

    Observation National is safe for the foreseeable future.

    Disclosure: I will not be voting for National next election – I refuse to vote for a dire party just because their opposition is even more dire

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