Not on the job sheet

Contractors were clearing culverts as directed by the council.

They’d done the ones on the job sheet but one of them had noticed another which was blocked further up the road.

He suggested they clear it before heading back to base.

But no, they couldn’t do that because it wasn’t on the job sheet.

They, the truck and digger headed back to base.

Another day they all trundled back to the same road with the truck and the digger to clear the last culvert.

If contractors can’t have some autonomy or flexibility in what they do, they ought to be able to check in with someone in authority when they see a job that needs doing for permission to do it.

It would save staff time and ratepayers’ money and encourage workers to be proactive.

One Response to Not on the job sheet

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Now you are being silly, just because that is how you and your farmer would expect an employee to function, start that stupid self starting attitudes in the alternative world and before you know it some well educated muppet at Council HQ will have nothing to justify his big salary package.

    Core blimey you must fill that out in triplicate.

    Slim Dusty “Big frogs in little puddles” sums it up.

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