Quality or quota?

Whaleoil has a  final edited list of proposed rule changes for the Labour Party which includes this gem:

New Rule 289A.  For the 2014 election the Moderating Committee shall, in determining the list, ensure that for any percentage of party vote likely to be obtained, and taking into account the electorate MPs likely to be elected with that level of Labour support, the resultant Caucus will comprise at least 45% women.  For the 2017 and subsequent elections the percentage shall be at least 50%.

And this one:

New Rule 248A. An LEC may request that NZ Council determine that only women may nominate for the position of Labour candidate for their electorate. Such approval overrides the right granted in Rule 251 for any member to be eligible for nomination.

Don’t laws against discrimination by gender work both ways?

There are also proposals for the list:

Amendment (deletions and insertions) to existing Rule 287.  The Moderating Committee shall examine the Regional lists and consider the representation across all lists of tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, age and youth, sexual orientations, and the geographical spread and range of skills.  …….

Amendment (deletions and insertions) to existing Rule 290.  The Moderating Committee shall be bound by the need to arrive at a list which:

a)          fairly represents tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, sexual orientations, and age and youth.

Electoral law requires party have a democratic process for list ranking.

I’m not sure if this dictatorial approach would meet the requirement.

Even if it does, this is another lurch to the left which will do nothing to improve Labour’s chances of leading the next government.

When all else is equal there might be grounds to choose a candidate who adds balance to a caucus.

But quality should come well before any quota for the sake of good government.

2 Responses to Quality or quota?

  1. Andrei says:

    Labour is the gift that keeps on giving if you are a National party supporter – its a crying shame really we need to hold the Natioal Goverments feet to the fire.

    It is going to be really funny though watching the Nats having to cut a deal with Winston Peters after the next election.

    Yes indeedy


  2. […] are the arguments against quotas for women? National party stalwart Ele Ludemann, of Home Paddock, and former Labour party candidate Josie Pagani both argue that women should be selected on their […]


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