Still a few thousand signatures short

The Green Party is wasting its time and our money soliciting signatures for the politicians’ initiated referendum against the partial sale of a few state assets.

A newsletter to supporters says:

I’m so blown away by the number of people all over the country who were gathering signatures for the Keep Our Assets petition.

I got to collect with Peter and the rest of the team in Wellington. Even through the wind, rain, snow and hail around New Zealand we collected thousands of signatures so I wanted to send you a huge thank you.

But we need your help to keep collecting.

We’re nearly there.

This weekend is the last full weekend we have to collect the final signatures we need – and we need a few thousand more.

Can you give another hour or two?

Sign up here to be contacted by one of our team about how you can take part.

Please put any petition sheets you have in the post by 30th June to make sure we get all signatures lodged by the 8th of July. It’s free to post them to me at Russel Norman MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington. . .

It’s not free to post them – the sender doesn’t have to pay postage but the taxpayer does.

The petition fell well short of the number required the first time it was presented because of the high number of invalid signatures.

If they are still a few thousand short it’s likely this second, and last attempt, will also fail to get the numbers.


5 Responses to Still a few thousand signatures short

  1. Andrei says:

    I see John Key has said that they are going to squander some of the money raised by asset sales on Auckland’s rail loop.

    Yay – let’s transfer as much as possible of this Nation’s common wealth into the necrotic hearts of Auckland and Wellington and impoverish the heartland


  2. JC says:

    Its hardly a worry.. it doesn’t happen till 2020 by which time there will be another answer.

    One of the great things about stupidity is that, delayed, it gets overtaken by “events”.



  3. robertguyton says:

    So, the majority of Aucklanders are against the Gamblers Convention Centre, and this referendum will reveal that the majority of New Zealanders are against Key’s asset sales.
    National, working against the wishes of New Zealanders.


  4. pdm says:

    `National, working against the wishes of New Zealanders.’

    Doesn’t look like it RG when they sit at 48% plus in the polls.

    Andrei – I agree .


  5. TraceyS says:

    Maybe you didn’t expect it to be this difficult. That certainly is reflected in Norman’s desperate plea.


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