Campaigning with our money again

The left haven’t managed to get public funding of political parties but that hasn’t stopped them campaigning with our money.

Whaleoil spotted Labour and Green Party  soliciting votes for their candidates in the Ikaroa Rawhiti by-election on material which bears the parliamentary crest that signifies it’s been paid for by us.

You’d think they’d have learned from the pledge card rort.

All parties found to have misused funds in the investigation following that had to repay that money and these two parties should be required to repay all money misspent on the by-election too.

9 Responses to Campaigning with our money again

  1. I saw a photo yesterday of four Labour MP’s at Parekura Horomia’s grave near East Cape, along with Labour’s Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate. Parliament was sitting at the time, but more than 10% of Labour’s caucus was off campaigning, and doing it on our coin.

    We all know that Labour is broke. But surely, the cost of MP’s going off to campaign in a by-election is something that the party rather than the taxpayer should bear. It will be interesting to see MP travel records for the time period of the by-election once the next batch of numbers is released.


  2. Armchair Critic says:

    It’s not for me to express support for MPs using the privileges of office to campaign. So I won’t.
    The outrage you and KS express, Ele, is surely done as humour. National partook of funds that were subsequently found to have been misappropriated and just like NZ First, IIRC, didn’t pay it all back. “Oh, we forgot the GST.” Yeah, right. This from the party that claims to know how to run the economy best and is the most financially literate. The whole “it would have been illegal to pay it back” line reflected poorly too. From the party that believes, yet again, that legality trumps morality.
    So I’m convinced that this post is a joke. National’s claimed moral high ground grows puddles when it rains.


  3. Viv K says:

    I just opened a letter from John Key from Parliament buildings. It is a National Party promotional pamphlet and in the small print it says ‘funded by the Parliamentary service. Pretty clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.


  4. robertguyton says:

    You opened it?


  5. Viv K says:

    Curiosity overcame me against my better judgement. My family casually mentioned, ‘you’ve got some letter from the Prime minister’. Maybe, I thought, he wants to arrange a get together to chat about climate change, off shore drilling, electrifying public transport or other stuff I’ve written to him about. Instead I’ve got a brochure with John holding a baby, a lot of blue ink, crystal ball stuff telling me that crime will be down 15% in 2017 and nothing on climate change. But funded by the Parliamentary service. I’m confused, Ele said it was bad to use taxpayer money for campaigning, perhaps, when the rugby is finished, she’ll be able to explain.


  6. Armchair Critic says:

    My partner put our one straight on the fire. Unopened. I suspect it contained the same old stuff. It’s probably only wrong to get the taxpayer to fund it when parties other than National do it.


  7. homepaddock says:

    Parliamentary Services funds can be used to communicate with people but not solicit votes.

    The stop asset sales guff from Labour for example didn’t break the rules because it didn’t solicit votes.


  8. robertguyton says:

    But it’s Keeping Stock’s coin, wa wa! Hang on! Did you say a letter from John Key? That’s fine then, hunkey-dory, okaley-dokely, dead on the button, we reckon!!


  9. Viv K says:

    Prime ministers carry babies around even when they are not campaigning it seems. It’s a fine line.


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