Gillard puts leadership to vote again

Julia Gillard is putting her leadership to the vote for the second time.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a ballot for the Labor leadership after supporters of Kevin Rudd took the first steps towards another spill.

Ms Gillard says the spill will be held at 7.00pm AEST, and that whoever loses should retire from Parliament immediately.

She is responding to a petition from Rudd supporters calling for a vote and has little to lose.

If she leads the party into the election, polls indicate it will be decimated and she would have to resign the leadership anyway.

The question her MPs will have to ask is whether the party will stand a better chance under Rudd.

He appears to be more popular with the public than his own caucus which is not a recipe for good government.



5 Responses to Gillard puts leadership to vote again

  1. RDE says:

    Reblogged this on Concise Comment.


  2. […] Homepaddock hints at, will the MPs listen to the public or the […]


  3. interesting times, if not a bit Groundhog day!


  4. David says:

    Watching this live on ABC24. Thanks Slingshot!!!

    We were in Sydney exactly three years ago when Julia rolled Kevin and my wife is there tonight. Thanks to Slingshot’s new Global feature I can watch what my wife is watching over there!


  5. Gravedodger says:

    Bill Shorten has jumped to Rudd so that says it is all over for the Commonwealth’s first female Prime Minister imho.
    As Richo said he will be the first to assassinate three Prime Ministers in three years, Rudd Gillard and hari kiri for himself, a potential Labor leader.

    Next Question is would Rudd win a vote of confidence in the house tomorrow in the light of JG’s pledge to resign from politics and some threats from the independents.


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