Rural round-up

Ski patrol rescues sheep buried in snow – Thomas Mead:

Three mountain climbers needed an alpine rescue last night after bearing the brunt of a snow storm – but the stranded patients weren’t your regular mountaineers.

A ski patrol was part-way through a regular avalanche monitoring routine on Wanaka’s Treble Cone ski field when they spotted a little head sticking out of a snow drift.

A closer inspection revealed three sheep stranded in a snow drift, still breathing and warm, but buried in the snow.

Ski patrol member Luke Lennox says the surprising discovery left the team with the perfect opportunity to practice an alpine rescue. . . . (click on the link for a video).

Kiwi firm tackles burger giant at home:

US ICONIC company McDonald’s may have dumped lambburgers – but a thriving New Zealand fast-food company plans to take on the land of beef and burgers on its home ground.

After a successful drive into the Middle East, Burger Fuel, whose premium burgers are based on New Zealand beef, is strategising to enter the US, says New Zealand Trade and Enterprise chief executive Peter Chrisp. . .

New company becomes TB agency:

The Animal Health Board is relinquishing its role as the management agency for the National Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Pest Management plan.

The role will pass to a new limited-liability company TBfree New Zealand Ltd. The Animal Health Board (AHB) will resign its role as the management agency on June 30.

From July 1, 2013 TBfree New Zealand Ltd and National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) Ltd will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of Operational Solutions for Primary Industries (OSPRI) New Zealand Ltd. . .

Zespri running to keep ahead of the game:

THE GLOBAL business environment is evolving so quickly it’s “about running to keep up so we are not made obsolete,” Zespri chief Lain Jager says. 

“Two high-level strategic thoughts occupy our minds: where will our growth come from and how can we develop our advantage so we can make a margin and be profitable?” he told the Go Global export conference in Auckland. . .

Changes to Layer Hens Code of Welfare Proposed:

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) is seeking public consultation on proposed changes to the Layer Hens Code of Welfare 2012.

The most significant effect of the Code is that it requires battery cages to be phased out by 31 December 2022. This was to be managed in three transition stages. While the final phase-out date has not changed, the potential for severe price increases has highlighted the need to move each of the transition steps back by two years.

The amended transition steps within the ten year period are as follows: . . .

Meat Industry Excellence Makes First Key Appointment:

Ross Hyland, an influential figure in both agribusiness and the commercial sector, has become Meat Industry Excellence’s (MIE) first key appointment.

“Ross’s commitment and success in New Zealand agriculture is well documented,” says Richard Young, Chairman of Meat Industry Excellence.

“Ross Hyland’s on-going commitment to continually improve the profitability of our primary sector will be vital as we push for a stronger and more vibrant red meat sector. . .

Fluufy cows – old beauty practice gains attention:

ADEL, Iowa — Grooming cows so they look like unusually large poodles is a well-known beautification practice in the show cattle industry.

But although it may be decades old, it’s just now getting attention on the Internet.

It started with a photo of a male cow named Texas Tornado who had a particularly fluffy coat. “Fluffy cow” photos are now making the rounds.

The practice is meant to help sell livestock for breeding or harvesting. . .

9 Responses to Rural round-up

  1. robertguyton says:

    No comment from you, Ele, about the discovery of the maggot-ridden goat’s leg in a shipment of PKE that could potentially endanger our whole livestock industry? That PKE comes from a part of the world where Foot and Mouth disease exists and animal matter is the vehicle for F&M to travel, but you seem un-interested. That’s really odd.


  2. Andrei says:

    No comment from you, Ele, about the discovery of the maggot-ridden goat’s leg in a shipment of PKE that could potentially endanger our whole livestock industry?

    Wrong as usual – Robert Guyton


  3. robertguyton says:

    Ele has indeed posted on the broader issue. I missed that, but I’m asking about her comment on the animal remains (caution: could contain Foot and Mouth!) and am still puzzled as to why that discovery has not caused huge concern here, given the threat Foot and Mouth poses to our agricultural industry.
    Perhaps you, Andrei, have some opinion about that specific occurrence? Or do you prefer to split (goat) hairs?


  4. Mr E says:

    Sadly that didn’t sound like ‘sorry Ele’
    Principled greens. Hmmmmph


  5. robertguyton says:

    Sigh But Mr E, Ele still hasn’t commented on the issue of the potentially-F&M animal limb found amongst the PKE, as I first noted. If I should be apologising, perhaps you could tell me for what, and secondly, if you’d be so kind, cut and paste Ele’s comment on the issue, which it seems I cannot find.
    Many thanks. Of course, if you can’t, you’ll no doubt want to withdraw your hurrumphing, and your slight on the Greens, whom I maintain are highly principled.


  6. Mr E says:

    And I quote
    “Biosecurity can be used as a non-tariff barrier but the MPI officials on whose report the tighter rules were based don’t have vested interests.”
    A comment about the PKE issue no?
    Or is it a proposal? Or a policy? Or we could argue about semantics. Because it is so fun.
    Or…. Forget about it. Let me think.
    I am sorry Robert. What was u thinking. I now think Ele has been ignoring the PKE issue because it threatens her political preference. How dare you Ele. Personally I can’t believe you have not been overwhelmed by this issue Ele. For goodness sake. Our agricultural industry is at risk.
    Of course I am not mentioning any of this due to any political agenda I have. You no doubt know I am apolitical.
    Love Mr E


  7. robertguyton says:

    Mr E. I hoped for a comment from Ele on the animal limb found in the PKE. She hasn’t commented anywhere at all on that. Your example does not illustrate such a comment at all. Nor have you commented on the discovery, the threat, or the issue of the limb. Is there something about the discovery of an animal’s limb from a country that has Foot & Mouth that causes paralysis of the throat in farmer-bloggers? Seems to be the case.


  8. robertguyton says:

    Tracey, you’re an intelligent woman. Please help me out here. I can’t see the comment you are sighing over. Could you cut and paste it for me. Thanks.


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