Contronyms and cussin’

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

14 words that are their own opposites.

10 old fashioned words to spice up your cussin’.

Among the contronymns was seed with the example of seeding a tomato meaning to take the seeds out.

I’ve never felt the urge to take seeds out of a tomato but if I did I’d say I was deseeding, not seeding.

The cussin’ was interesting.

I don’t think any of the words have the short, sharp vowels and hard consonants needed to vent your ire but the discussion got a delightful response from a listener: heck is the place for people who don’t believe in gosh.


One Response to Contronyms and cussin’

  1. bulaman says:

    I spent 18 months in Alabama. Check the Jeff foxworthy dictionary for a whole new meaning on words!
    •Far: If he don’t turn that stove down, them chickens will catch far.
    •Bard: Cousin Jesse bard money from me and I ain’t seent him since.
    •Ranch: Go in the back of my truck and get that ranch!
    •Munts: It’s been four munts since I heard from my brother.
    •All: I’m gonna need me a all change on that truck.
    •Ahz: I can’t see nuthin’ out these ahz.
    •Bawl: You gotta bawl that water fo’ you put in the egg.
    •Own: Turn them lights own.
    •Nekkid: There he was nekkid as a jaybird.
    •Hep: “HEP! There’s a far!”
    •Shevuhlay: I got me a new shevuhlay pickup!
    •Tar: He got him a flat tar!
    •Uhmurkin: We’s uhmurkin, born and raised in the United States of Uhmurka!
    •Spearmint: Billy Ray doin’ some type of spearmint in school.
    •Clinics: You got any clinics so I could wipe my nose?
    •Co-Cola: Yall want some co-cola? It’s nice and cold.
    •Bar Code: Dems fightin’ rules at the bar.
    •Bare: Gimme a bare – Michelob!
    •Barium: Jimmy- they just barium at the cemetery.
    •Bleeve: Does you bleeve in ghosts?
    •Did: You got that fox Jim he did, not movin’ at all.
    •Fat: If’n y’all don’t stop fat’n I’m comin’ down there.
    •Gubmint: Casey dun got a gubmint job.

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