Going nowhere

I’m supposed to be flying to Christchurch tomorrow for a meeting in Wellington on Wednesday.

The heavy rain and state of the roads prompted me to start the journey today but I’m going nowhere.

I’d checked the internet before starting and thought I had a passable route. But 10 minutes into my journey a radio update informed me that road was closed.

North Otago is cut off by road closures to the north, west and south.

Our usual route to town is also closed and while the alternative is okay for now I took the precaution of stocking up on groceries before I came home.

Whatever the weather brings in the next few days we won’t be going hungry.

4 Responses to Going nowhere

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    And the Met Service site has crashed. Too much demand, I suspect.

  2. Bulaman says:

    Water just at the bonnet of the truck as I head out the drive through the pleasant water feature ….. Met service picked the worst day for an upgrade/maintenance! Just hoping the snow in prospect for later in the week does not eventuate.. See yr.no for a useful long range forecast

  3. Sarah Lee says:

    Glad to hear you have well stocked cupboards! Sounds like a very cold, rough week of weather for most of New Zealand ahead. Definitely chocolate cake baking time and pinot noir… and dark chocolate and soup and, and, and! Eeek! If this weather lasts too long I’m going to be rolling out the door when the rain stops 🙂

  4. JC says:

    Hold on to your hts down there, here’s my direct feed from the Met:

    “The complex, slow moving low over the Tasman Sea that has been responsible for the recent heavy rain over much of New Zealand will continue to bring unsettled weather through most of the coming week.

    MetService Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett commented,”This active weather system will eventually pave the way for wintry and windy conditions later in the week, with the potential for significant snow in various places.”

    The main band of heavy persistent rain lying across parts of South Canterbury and Otago will gradually ease tonight. Further showers, some heavy and thundery, are likely in western areas into Tuesday.

    On Wednesday, bitterly cold Antarctic air will begin to sweep up the country. This has the potential to bring significant snow to the south and east of the South Island, as well as central and southern parts of the North Island. Largest snowfalls at this stage seem likely about inland Canterbury and Marlborough, while snow may fall to near sea level from Southland to Kaikoura by Thursday.

    This is a very dynamic weather situation, and details about where the snow will fall and how much may well change. It will be important to keep up to date with the latest watches and warnings.”


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