Answer of the week

Question Time this week got a bit boisterous but it also included some gems, amongst which was this:

Katrina Shanks: What reports has he seen on New Zealand’s economic programme and the Government’s approach to turning round the economy?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: I recently read a report from the Australian Financial Review that says: “What immediately stands out is Wellington’s grown-up and stable Government,”. It also says that New Zealand’s bad luck is about to take a turn for the better, and it will reap the benefits of disciplined policy making. The Australian Financial Review, which is not noted for being a cheerleader for New Zealand, notes that New Zealand did not have a mining boom to shield it from the global financial crisis. But it acknowledges that we did have a devastating earthquake in Christchurch and a drought this year. It notes: “John Key’s National Government also had to deal with the legacy of nearly a decade of a back-sliding and big-spending Labour Government.”

It’s not just people like me with a blue bias who realise the nine years of damage inflicted by Labour is among the problems this government has to fix and that its disciplined policy making is making a positive difference.


One Response to Answer of the week

  1. Andrei says:

    Patsy questions from mediocre, non entity, back bench government mps to give a minister an opportunity to preen might rock your boat but for non tribal people it is just a big yawn.

    The point you seem to miss that creating a decent country, a nation worth living in and to be proud of is a great deal more than getting the economics right.

    A lot more

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