Not a sunset industry

Remember David Lange referring to agriculture as a sunset industry?

Prime Minister has a much more positive view:

Tomorrow I’m heading to Fieldays, I hope to see some of you there.

3 Responses to Not a sunset industry

  1. Neil says:

    I rewmember Sir Robert Jones saying the same thing during the property/share boom of the mid-80’s. I was at one of Jones two day property seminars when he talked about the nirvana of property acquisition- only cost $450 for two days !!
    One suggestion was to borrow cheap money overseas. Great. Then NZ devalued and the number of investors going to the wall or committing suicide rose.
    Farming is always going to be our strength- climate,skills and a skilled workforce.
    Just remember, our rural community provides the real basis of our economy but also realise the rest of population are part of that remise. They provide services to the rural community who want to enjoy life beyond their farming venture.
    We are all one people, New Zealanders, not just rural or urban, anglo-saxon,maori,Pacific


  2. Rob Hosking says:

    I often think of this quote too – it wasn’t only Lange who said it, but also other minsiters in that Labour govt, including Roger Douglas.

    Politicians can’t pick winners, we often hear – and that’s right. And this shows they can’t even pick losers.


  3. JC says:

    Manufacturing in NZ and the US was 30% of GDP back in the 1950s, today its around 10% in both countries.. is that an example of a sunset industry? Why, the other day I heard it shed 40,000 jobs in just the last few years 🙂



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