Let’s not go there

Jane Clifton explains the motivation for opposition behaviour over Peter Dunne’s resignation:

What’s really going on here is a three-way game of whack-a-mole. Labour, the Greens and Winston’s New Zealand First are odds-on to form the next Government, but as coalitions go, it’ll be a shotgun wedding. There are outbreaks of cooperation, and the official line is that a Labour-Green ceasefire is in place. But at bottom, none of these parties’ main players rate, respect or trust one another. They are on the same side on most issues – ie, whatever National does is evil. But they’re also in predatory competition with one another.

All of which makes Parliament’s battle-lines oscillate alarmingly. Things can seem relatively straightforward when a party recognises that its enemy’s enemy is its friend. But when that “friend” turns out to be more inimical than the enemy, what then?

There would be even more inimical participants if the Maori and/or Mana parties were added to the mix.

Labour is in the process of trying to figure out whether it can help engineer the squeezing out of one or other of its potential partners so it only has to swallow the one set of policy dead rats in government. So whose rats would be the least obnoxious? At the moment, you’d have to say Team Red is fantasising about not having to work with Team Green and thinking that maybe Winston – the devil it knows from past Beehive iterations – is the better option.

If he’s the better option it doesn’t say anything good about the alternative.

The Greens would be exponentially more demanding than Winston. The fact that co-leader Russel Norman is still evangelising the wonders of quantitative easing represents a gigantic elephant room-mate for the putative Labour/Green/NZ First finance minister. The Greens would, of course, like that to be Norman, and there’s another almighty conflict to resolve before even getting bums on seats in the Cabinet room.

The Greens would also hold out for a massive progressive tax realignment that would quickly alienate a chunk of Labour’s salaried and small-business support base, and doubtless reinvigorate the population drain to Australia. The Greens would demand nothing less than a fiscal upheaval.

All of which would provide National with plenty of ammunition to scare voters from listing to the left.

A red government would be bad enough for the country, add green to the mix and you’d get something altogether worse.

It really would be better not to go there.

18 Responses to Let’s not go there

  1. robertguyton says:

    No, Ele, you are wrong. The reality is, it would be significantly better to ‘go there’. For a start, every New Zealander would enjoy lower power prices. That’s good for all New Zealanders. Secondly, real action would be taken to protect our children and grandchildren from the coming tumult of climate change; deep sea drilling for oil would be curtailed and coal mining managed responsibly. The National Party is the real Devil-Beast here, Ele. New Zealanders, despite what the carefully massaged polls say, know this to be true 🙂


  2. Will says:

    So much bullshit crammed into one paragraph.


  3. robertguyton says:

    Learned my trade from Farrar. Fact is, I’ve surpassed him.I’m the King of Pith.


  4. Boris says:

    Why do so many National lackey commentators keep lumping Winston and NZF in with this mythical three way coalition, when everyone knows NZF won’t work with the Greens?

    Are they really that thick? Or are they just terrified that Winston in coalition with National will actually keep the Nats honest, and we will have a genuine old-fashioned National Government again, instead of this bizzaire abomination of sickly progressive combined with neo- liberal treachery which it has become?


  5. robertguyton says:

    Boris is right. Key is now locked into a loving embrace with Winston Peters, behind the scenes. This sticks in the craw of all those Tory commenters who loathe Peters, but love Key. I wonder if Key can see that the price for Winston to support National, will be his own head – head back to Hawaii that is.


  6. Roger says:

    Your spelling is wrong – you are not the King of Pith. You have transposed “ss” with “th”.


  7. TraceyS says:

    I’m sure plenty of voters love Russel Norman but loathe David Shearer and vice versa.

    I can’t see anything to love about either of them.

    But you could perhaps make a list for me under each of their names respectively.


  8. robertguyton says:

    Thanks, Rodge. You a primary school teacher?


  9. robertguyton says:

    Russel’s list:
    – Doesn’t lounge about in Sky City boxes drinking with dodgy corporate figures who make misery and money-laundering their business.
    – Doesn’t claim housing allowances to which he’s not entitled (The ‘Dipton Effect’)
    – Isn’t afraid to call a key a ‘muldoon’ or a ‘chicken’, depending on circumstance
    – Leads a party that refuses to sell energy assets off at a time when they are vital to the country’s future
    – Hasn’t earned the epithets ‘shonkey’, ‘Pinocchio’ etc due to ‘mispeaking’ on a regular basis.

    Tracey, I could go on, but you get the idea. Russel’s an admirable man and his qualities are brought into stark relief by the wide-boys of Parliament, Key, Banks, Peters and Dunne, to name but a few rogues.


  10. TraceyS says:

    I see you love him for what he doesn’t do.


  11. Gravedodger says:

    Russel is an admirable man, gosh never saw that coming, is that comment posted under “satire”, “comedy”, “advertising licence” or Bulls**t


  12. TraceyS says:

    Where’s the list for David?


  13. robertguyton says:

    Tracey – this’ll come as a dreadful shock to you, but I’m no Labour supporter.
    When you’ve regained your feet, you might like to find someone who will make a list of Shearer good-points. Perhaps GraveDodger? He’s always willing to share his opinions, however misguided they may be, with us.
    I thought my ‘Russel list’ very fair and I notice you didn’t challenge any of my claims. Guess you’re a fan too!


  14. Gravedodger says:

    Oi Robert here is another couple of misguided observations and no charge.
    I guess the smarts at Sky City saw no point in inviting the heman to their corporate box. but did a snow job with King, FaFoi, Cosgrove and Goff, and I wonder just who Woolgatherer was looking for in the den of iniquity.
    Possibly his Brother to give him an update on Trev the Muss’s progress with the utu on Mike Bush.
    And Wussel being a great rugger man and all.

    You may claim to be “no Labour Supporter but pray tell us how the economic sabateurs will get anywhere the government benches without the Labour party.

    23 years and no nearer to power other than as a buddy, the Green party is a lobby group that under the miracle of MMP gives them a place in the parliament. Average representation of 9 members seems a success but even the party you don’t support spurned them in favour of the ubiquitous Mr Trotman.

    Just don’t stop the present tactics they are working really well.

    Someday you might care to enlighten us on the proposed green jobs we hear about.
    No jobs on the Denniston plateau, no jobs to build a convention center, no jobs in the expanded Sky City, no jobs building roads and other infrastructure, no jobs searching for minerals, reduced jobs in farming and fishing, —————, just askin.
    Forgot about the hemp suits much better wearing than wool and great economies of scale if they are all Mao style very fitting eh.

    Pleasure to be of assistance, any time just ask.


  15. TraceyS says:

    “…this’ll come as a dreadful shock to you, but I’m no Labour supporter.”

    Not at all. In fact, I think you’ll have plenty of company in the Green Party.

    And no, I’m not a fan.

    Judging from your list, you’re not a great fan either.


  16. robertguyton says:

    GraveDodger – you profess ignorance of the Green’s proposals for jobs, and I accept that you inhabit that space. You wave the Mao flag as well, as you do – let it go, old man, let it rest. Not any closer to Government, you reckon? I reckon you are wrong and that the Greens are a whisker away now, only a whisker away. Their ‘present tactics’, that you say are working really well, are…working really well.
    Thanks for your insight, GD and assistance. I will call on you again, soon.


  17. robertguyton says:

    Still no challenge, Tracey? We’re in agreement then. Russel’s a great guy, an excellent leader and will make an inspirational Minister 🙂


  18. TraceyS says:

    Don’t take my silence as agreement. I’m still trying to think of things to put on my list of positives….


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