Then there were 5

Oh dear, not one, not two, not three, not four but five Labour MPs were enjoying Sky City’s hospitality in a corporate box at last week’s rugby test.

There’s nothing wrong with that in general. Businesses entertain all sorts of people in their boxes and politicians enjoy hospitality from a range of hosts.

But something smells more than a little off when the MPs have been so very critical of the company and the government’s deal with it to build a convention centre.

MPs meet people with a range of views including those with which they disagree.

But casual meetings or formal business ones are very different from socialising in this way.

Does it mean that Labour doesn’t really mean what it says in opposing the Sky deal or is it just another example of behaviour which invites the use of the H word?


One Response to Then there were 5

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Classic, yet another example of “the peasants will do as we tell them” and we will enjoy the freedoms we removed from the peasants, in their best interests of course.

    Meanwhile in our world far removed from Planet Hypocrisy, The most disadvantaged among us will front the Lotto Counter with a fist full of money and we will ignore it.
    A pensioner I know, was there last Saturday with $120 and since the operator needed no instructions it was not a one off. I also know that purchaser is in receipt of additional assistance and the chances of her buying for a syndicate are minimal.

    Yes her money and her right but why are we supposed to worry about Asian high rollers coming to lil ole NZ for some fun, at least it paid for David Woolgatherer, Annette , Phill, Clayton, Kris and who knows who else to have a nice night at the rugby with the bubbles, Ham on the bone and I’ll stop right there.

    disclaimer I was buying Cream for my desert. And before you start I am addicted to Dairy products, my BP is 124/84 and my cholesterol is around 4.

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