On pinning down Peters

Trans Tasman observes John Campbell’s attempt to pin down Winston Peters:

For those who have been around for a bit, Peters’ mix of belligerence and incoherence is getting more and more like 1970s-80s trade unionist Jim Knox. Certainly Campbell, whose mien is usually bubbly and engaging even with the most difficult subjects, gave an impression of a man in a wrestle with a particularly large and truculent molasses-coated rhinoceros. . .

My memories of Knox are mercifully dim, but I can recall enough to suspect Peters won’t be flattered by the comparison.

Over at Opposable Thumb, Denis Welsh also paints a word picture:

 . . . But the days are long gone when he seized on something really meaningful, and it’s a sign of how impregnable the National government has been to his usual tricks that all the old shark can do now is sink his increasingly blunt teeth into a fellow minor party. Shark bites minnow: this is news? The more Peters attacks Dunne, the more he shows how weakened he has become. And as it also grows clearer with every day that he has no more of substance to throw at his victim (admitting he hasn’t got all the dirt he needs would have been unthinkable once), so we witness the sad spectacle of a veteran showbiz star no longer able to wow the crowds in the same dazzling way. The old soft-shoe shuffle, so slick before, looks worn and creaky now. One is reminded irresistibly of John Osborne’s play/film The Entertainer, in which a faded music-hall performer past his prime keeps wheeling out the same tired old jokes and routines, to increasingly thin applause. Peters has so lost the plot this time, in fact, that he’s in serious danger of rousing public sympathy for Dunne. . .

A truculant molassess-coated rhinoceros; an old shark with increasingly blunt teeth; the old soft shoe-shuffle . . .  looks worn and creaky now.

These aren’t descriptions of a man on the way up and in politics if you’re not going up you’re going down.

5 Responses to On pinning down Peters

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    Winston Peters got a government minister to resign. All the diminishing in the world that people care to throw at him won’t change that.
    Can he do it again? Well, this time last week I thought he was all bluster and nothing would come of it. He might well have nothing this time. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


  2. JC says:

    Ah Knox.. “Fedarashunoflabour!”



  3. Gravedodger says:

    The David Henry inquiry into the leaking of the Kitteridge report that caused Kitteridge to be released early and diverted attention during Keys China trip was what sank Dunne.
    The venal Mr Trotman just got lucky when he again threw some mud and hit a windowof the Hairdo by coincidence.
    Pinstripe has not demonstrated he has anything other than another brown paper bag of horse manure.


  4. Peters got lucky AC. It’s now clear that he doesn’t have and hasn’t seen the e-mails, and his accusation was that phone logs would sink Dunne; not e-mails. Campbell’s dismembering of him on Monday night was a telling blow to the old bugger;s credibility, such as it is.


  5. robertguyton says:

    Winston’s went up against Dunne.
    Only one of them lost, big time.
    Winston’s quietly building a case against Key.
    These are entertaining times; Nat MPs forced to resign, Ministers of the Key Government forced to resign. Another before the courts facing dishonesty charges (Stay strong, Banksie!)
    How many Greens have had to step down?
    How many Greens were in the Sky City box?


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