On being a broad church

The National Party has always been a broad church party.

It understands the importance of a strong membership base and understand that encompasses a wide range of views.

Not all of those views can, or should, be translated into policy or practice.

Some should be but MMP requires not only the swallowing of dead rats, it also requires the parking of some good policy which would be politically unpalatable.

The power under MMP is in the middle.

That’s why Labour’s lurch to the left is not gaining it any traction in the polls and why National’s centre right policies are helping it maintain popularity.

That’s not just good for the party, it’s good for the country.

The government is moving in the right direction and taking people with it.

That’s a far better strategy for enduring change and electoral success than a more radical approach which would appeal to some members but alienate voters.

One Response to On being a broad church

  1. Gravedodger says:

    One of the major strengths of the Westminster parliamentary system of government and yes the abomination of MMP is still a variant based on that system, is the presence in the Parliament of a strong functioning opposition correctly called ‘Her Majesty’s loyal opposition’ .
    The reality is it forms a government in waiting and the electorate properly sees a “Shadow Cabinet” as an entity ready to step into office with minimal disruption.

    The current situation in Wellington is nothing resembling that entity.
    We have a factionalised remnant of Labour that has seen some of its experienced and able members jump ship, leaving unionists, intellectuals and a rainbow bunch Labour sees necessary to identify.
    Another fraudulent bunch who would have us believe the environment guides their policy formation when in fact it is far left socialism, aptly referred to as the watermelons, red fleshed with a thin green skin.
    A renegade National party member who has repeatedly proved he is a master of opposition, destruction and obfuscation who grabs any opportunity to embrace any populist cause no matter how distasteful.
    A Racist part indigenous scion of a feudal family in Northland, who makes repeated racial slurs on the very people needed to build this country to a position that would advance the very people he uses to shamlesly advance his and his families future.
    With around half a dozen of these disparate groups seeing themselves as the Messaiah, it is not an opposition, it is not loyal and it certainly does not present as a government in waiting.

    The Opposition in the current parliament is best described as a rabble, largely leaderless and more focused on where they sit in the spectrum than offering anything resembling what the govt in waiting should present.
    Oppose everything as a default position, offer idiotic amendments that have no chance of success all the while turning off the very voters they need to attract.

    Very bad legislation can easily get shunted through in the face of such a rabble not delivering their vital contribution to the system. Tainui Princess Mahuta’s totally irrelevant “working Mother stunt” a classic example.
    I am not alone in my disconcert at the legislative response to the court decision on Family members being given monetary rewards for looking after disabled offspring and siblings.
    I understand Minister Ryall’s reasoning but it was rushed, badly constructed with a decidedly temporary look to it, and flew in the face of what many voters expect.

    A seriously deficient opposition such as we have at present, places enormous responsibility on National, maybe instead of asking “patsy” questions in the increasingly inane question time and getting equally inane propaganda in response, back benchers maybe should be doing research and holding ministers to account within the caucus, it aint happening in the chamber.

    I think it was a recently emerging satirical blog that presented a post on chaos in labour ranks when in answer to the inevitable daily question to the PM “does he have confidence in all his ministers” from the invisible man, Mr Key rises and answers “NO”, got a giggle from me but it is a more serious surely.


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