Winston’s ill-wind, does Dunne good

A rant against immigrants, and Chinese ones in particular, is vintage Winston Peters.

But he must have decided that didn’t get him enough publicity.

What else could explain his bizarre accusation that Peter Dunne leaked the report into the GCSB?

It was done under parliamentary privilege which protects the accuser from legal action. It doesn’t protect him from derision, though.

If he was going to make a mad accusation he should have chosen someone who wasn’t on most people’s list of politicians least likely to leak.

Dunne would have nothing to gain and lots to lose, by leaking like that.

But it’s an ill-wind which blows nobody good and Winston’s ill-wind has done some good for Dunne, if only because the accusation has given him some much needed publicity.

One Response to Winston’s ill-wind, does Dunne good

  1. Neil says:

    I cannot work out Winston’s actions. He talks about the Chinese in a racist context and then attacks Peter Dunne.
    Winston’s core voters are the conspiracy theory people, people who the world has passed by and have a lingering anger. It’s never their fault but the fault of everyone else. Winston slides into that area.
    Muldoon was like that after he was deposed as National’s leader throwing out distractions and personal attacks. Peters was always a great supporter of Muldoon adopting many of his controversial tactics
    I don’t think Winston will impact next years election as long as the economic situation continues to improve. It is a pathetic little group of people who sit around Peters in the NZ First group.

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