While they were marching

While a few hundred people were marching against Monsanto and genetically modified foods, others were appreciating a more scientific approach to the issue:

Food Standards Australia New Zealand released a report responding to concerns raised about the potential for double-stranded RNA molecules produced in new genetically modified crops to pose a risk to human health.

• The weight of scientific evidence published to date does not support the view that small double-stranded RNAs (dsRNAs) in foods are likely to have adverse consequences for humans.

• There is no scientific basis for suggesting that small dsRNAs present in some GM foods have different properties or pose a greater risk than those already naturally abundant in conventional foods.

• The current case-by-case approach to GM food safety assessment is sufficiently broad and flexible to addresses the safety of GM foods developed using gene silencing techniques.

That one type of GM food is safe doesn’t mean it all is.

But the protesters aren’t opposed to something specific that has been proven to be unsafe, they’re opposed to GM in general and that opposition  is based on emotion and politics, not science.

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