Making a positive difference

WIIFM  – what’s in it for me – is the lens through which a lot of people look at politics.

That’s understandable for several reasons, not least of which is that previous governments accustomed us to short-term lolly scramble, vote buying  policies rather than those which made a positive difference to the country for the longer term.

National has changed direction making a virtue out of the necessity to cut back the burden of government and return to surplus.

That has meant there have been no lolly scrambles but there has been a change in economic direction which is good for us all.

Policies which are good for the country are good for individuals, families and businesses.


Photo: Families are better off under National

One Response to Making a positive difference

  1. TraceyS says:

    It would be interesting to see the results of a study like this for New Zealand (

    “…recent high school students are more materialistic — 62 percent of students surveyed in 2005-07 think it’s important to have a lot of money, while just 48 percent had the same belief in 1976-78.”

    “As for work ethic, 39 percent of students surveyed in 2005-07 admitted they didn’t want to work hard, compared to only 25 percent in 1976-78.”

    So expectations of having a lot are rising, whilst determination to work hard is declining.

    “That type of ‘fantasy gap’ is consistent with other studies showing a generational increase in narcissism and entitlement”

    Those students are now young adults. So “WIIFM” is probably not just how a lot of people look at politics, it’s how a lot of people look at life.


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