Greens can’t join dots

When I heard Russel Norman criticising the government’s achievement in staying on track back to surplus I thought I’d mis-heard him.

But no – here it is in black and white from the Green Party Facebook page:
Photo: Russel's summary of Budget 2013.


They can’t join the dots between economic surplus and the ability to provide services and assistance to people in need.

They still haven’t grasped the dangers of too much debt.

They still think it’s okay to spend more than you earn.

4 Responses to Greens can’t join dots

  1. TraceyS says:

    More trees will do it. As long as they are money trees!

  2. scrubone says:

    But didn’t you hear?

    Some academic discovered that another academic had put too many assumptions into his model, and because of that, too much debt can no longer drive you bankrupt.

    Never mind that stimulus spending hasn’t worked yet – that’s just proof we don’t have enough stimulus spending!

  3. But you don’t need to earn Ele. Under Russel’s doctrine of quantitative easing, you just print of the money you need, and Bob’s your uncle.

    (That’s Bob, as in Mugabe, of course)

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