Blue Budget

Today’s Budget is a blue one, literally and figuratively.

It’s got a bright blue cover and it will be one which is written with the understanding of the importance of sound financial management.

Finance Minister Bill English was looking cheerful in his pre-Budget interviews yesterday and he deserves to.

In spite of the woeful state in which Labour left the economy, and the natural and financial crisis with which the government has had to deal, National has done what it said it would.

It took the rough edges of the worst effects of the recession, reduced the cost of government while maintaining services and has on back on track to surplus in the next financial year.

Only the blinkered would believe that this would have been possible with a red or a red/green budget.

The government is launching an update of its Budget app for smartphones and tablets with interactive features that allow users to see how much tax they pay and how their tax dollars are spent.

It went live at 2pm as the Budget delivery began.

You can find it here.

3 Responses to Blue Budget

  1. Amazingly, Russel Norman is claiming that National inherited zero government debt!

  2. JC says:

    All true, but he would have shown he was a better financial manager if he had said the Nats inherited zero *net* debt which will peak at 29% of GDP.. making it one of the 10 safest economies in the world.

    He might also have added that he has been stumping the country calling for a debt closer to $100 billion.


  3. TraceyS says:

    Why did he write in an email today that “…today’s Budget was all about throwing debt onto future generations. It was a triple deficit budget…[and] projected $200 billion net debt to the rest of the world by 2017”.

    Is that because he thinks he will be in government after the next election and in charge of the finances? Maybe this is one of his goals rather than a criticism of the present budget.

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