Asset sales petition hasn’t got numbers

The petition seeking a referendum on the partial sale of a few state assets hasn’t got the numbers.

. . . Parliament’s Clerk of the House Mary Harris this afternoon said she had certified that the petition had lapsed because she could not be sure minimum number of signatures required by law had been met.

The petition needed the signatures of 10 per cent of voters to succeed which the Electoral Commission said worked out to 308,753.

But Ms Harris said that following a counting and sampling and checking process she found the petition was short by about 16,500 valid signatures.

The organisers of the petition presented it to Parliament in March claiming they had 393,000 signatures. . .

The petition was started by Grey Power but promoted by LabourGreen with the assistance of taxpayer funds.

They’ve got another couple of months to get the additional signatures needed but they should stop wasting their time and our money.

Might River Power shares will start trading on Friday.

Even if the people and parties behind the petition get enough signatures it will be far too late. The government will have received the money from the sale and will have invested some or all of it in other assets.

LabourGreen made this an election issue and lost.

Whether or not most people support the partial sale of a few assets, enough didn’t feel sufficiently strongly about the issue to vote to stop them.

They missed that opportunity; they’re short on signatures and attempting to get more will show they’ve got nothing better to do than pursue a lost cause.

2 Responses to Asset sales petition hasn’t got numbers

  1. Roger says:

    Ha f*****g ha. The promoters should hold their heads in shame. Can’t count and don’t care.

    This is a good news day.


  2. Dave Kennedy says:

    Both sides have had a battering over the asset sales. It has been a battle for the Government to ram the policy past negative opinion polls, legal challenges from Maori, 99% of submissions to the enabling legislation (1,400) being against and differing advice from Treasury. It has also been a challenge to keep collectors motivated to keep collecting signatures over several months. Very few petitions have collected this many signatures, no matter how popular.

    While it would have been nice to have collected all the signatures in one go, it will obviously need another short push. The Government on the other hand have had many more barriers to overcome. It may be nice to have the referendum just to see how close the battle actually was.


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