People behind politics

When politics gets personal it’s usually not for good reason.

The genuine goodwill towards Parekura Horomia and genuine sorrow over his death has been a pleasant exception to this rule.

People from across the political spectrum have paid tribute to him and in doing so have provided a far better picture and understanding of him in death than most of us would have had of him in life.

The biographies of political leaders are generally well canvassed but other MPs come, serve and go with the public who put them in parliament knowing little about the people behind the politics.

Even in these days of instant news, there’s room for more in-depth profiles which would tell us more about the people we pay to run the country.

It might help improve the public perception of most politicians and show up the few who should find another job.

One Response to People behind politics

  1. Richard says:

    Hint-Gilmour? Just demonstrates the shallowness of all political parties who cannot provide any reasonable list of candidates – ah MMP


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