Real guns aren’t toys

A five year-old boy shot his two year-old sister with a gun marketed for children and given to him by his parents.

Caroline Starks, two, was killed after her brother accidentally shot her while playing with his own .22-calibre gun – called My First Rifle. . .

The young boy had been playing with a Crickett gun, specially designed for kids, which was given to him last year.

Crickett guns are manufactured for kids by the Keystone Sporting Arms firm on a web page that boasts of their “child-friendly” rifles. . .

Coroner Mr White later admitted the incident would be ruled as an accident, saying: “It’s just one of those crazy accidents.”

One of those crazy accidents?
Crazy is making and marketing real guns to children too young to understand that playing with them could lead to real death.
Real guns aren’t toys.

3 Responses to Real guns aren’t toys

  1. Paranormal says:

    You are correct that real guns are not toys.

    However guns designed for smaller frames are a great idea when used with parental supervision. I’m teaching my 8 year old about gun safety, how to shoot and hunt. The problem is he is struggling with the air rifle I thought was small enough for him.

    I was brought up in homes where rifles were stored behind the door in the kitchen, as was the way not that long ago. No-one died because of the training we had.

    Suggest you look to the parents not the manufacturers for someone to blame here.


  2. Agree with Paranormal – the parents were fools. There are strict rules to follow around gun safety. No parent in their right mind puts a gun where a child can access it unsupervised, no matter what sort of gun it is and who it is marketed to.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Fair point. Crazy is having any firearm where anyone not trained to use it, and old enough to understand how to use it, can get it.


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