Opt in and targeting better than universal

NZEI is urging the government to vote for the bill to provide children in low decile schools with breakfasts and lunches.

This is a blunt instrument. It’s also an expensive and wasteful one.

Fonterra has offered all schools free milk and some have chosen not to take it because their children don’t need it or the staff think it’s too much work.

Allowing schools to opt in and targeting those whose pupils are most in need is far better than a universal approach which will be cost more and generate more waste.


4 Responses to Opt in and targeting better than universal

  1. TraceyS says:

    Many schools already do this for the most needy kids. It doesn’t need to be legislated.

    There are ‘low-decile kids’ in high-decile schools, not just in low-decile schools. How would this Bill help them? It’s wrong to think that all our most needy kids are clustered together in one place.

    What will be next? Legislating for head lice treatment because parents aren’t on top of that either?


  2. pdm says:

    The staff think it is too much work to have FREE MILK at their schools.

    How typical of today’s school teachers.


  3. TraceyS says:

    Our school opted in. It’s just a shame that the milk is UHT. Not anywhere near as nice as fresh milk. I wonder if the taste might put some kids off milk. That would be a shame. But any milk is probably better than no milk at all. It will still provide calcium and other minerals.


  4. TraceyS says:

    Not typical at all, pdm. I think the fear is more of the parents rather than the work. Teachers, rightly so, fear the idea of taking over responsibility for the diets of children. It’s not their job.

    It show the both the divide and tension between parents and teachers. Something that is far more important to address than legislating to provide breakfast in low-decile schools – a stop-gap measure at best.


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