Pills aren’t power

Macdoctor makes a welcome return to blogging with a post entitled power drugs which explains the differences between Pharmac and the LabourGreen plan for NZ Power.

Pills aren’t power.

Who’d want people who can’t understand the difference running the country?


4 Responses to Pills aren’t power

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    The problem with the suggestion that the Greens and Labour do not understand the pills and power are different is that you have taken a reasonably well explained blog post from doctor and oversimplified it. Unless you have some evidence that some members from both caucuses have been eating from their electrical sockets and running their appliances from the contents of small brown bottles, or at least trying to, in which case you are correct; they are unfit for government. But therein lies the problem with oversimplification and taking suggestions too literally, it brings a sense of the absurd to what should be a serious subject.
    We both know that the comparison made between NZ Power and Pharmac was an analogy, and the thing about analogies is that if you choose to dig deep enough you will inevitably find some differences.
    Sometimes those differences make the analogy invalid. This time? No. Imagine an undecided voter going to the booth. Your post suggests that on this issue, they will decide National’s message “pills are not power” is better than the Labour/Greens message “cheaper power”. Uh huh.
    On a related point, at present we have a government that does not know the economy of a country is not analogous to the economy of an individual household. And a government that does not know that it is wrong to presume people are guilty until proven innocent. They are making the Labour/Greens combination look to be a better option.

  2. Paranormal says:

    But the Gnats do realise that, like an individual household, you can’t go on spending more than you earn without risking the loss of your house at some time. In that they are streets ahead of the red/green team who think just printing and spending will dig you out of a hole.

    Got to say having read the good Doctors post Ele sums it up very well. You point out that voters (well the media really) want it in soundbites, and there it is.

  3. Armchair Critic says:

    Hey paranormal. I didn’t bother contemplating whether the doctor is correct or not, because with good message management his arguments are semantics or trivia and voters will listen for a couple of seconds before they start to hear “blah blah blah”. Especially when someone says “monopsony”.
    I think I saw you say, on another thread, that voters would see this as an unaffordable bribe and vote accordingly. You faith is touching. There was a myth a few years ago that Labour had bribed people to vote with a feed of KFC on election day. If you are inclined to believe that ( and ftr I’m not inclined) then consider this, the reduced power bill is equivalent to a feed of KFC every month, not every election. Reckon that’ll get some of the politically disengaged out and voting?
    On a more serious note, I run a business that uses a reasonable amount of power and I’m looking forward to a lower bill because it will increase the profitability of my business. Sure, I was never going to vote National, but you can bet my National-voting dairy farming neighbours would like cheaper electricity because they use a lot more than I do. Will this change how they vote? Probably not, for most of them, but there are a couple that might change and plenty that will see the writing on the wall (or in the polls) and not bother voting.

  4. Athena says:

    Well said Armchair critic. You made a valid point about a government not knowing it is wrong to presume people are guilty until proven innocent. For all the indignant, over the top right wing response to the NZ Power policy (how many posts now Ele?) the Nats are probably grateful about the timing that distracted people from John Key’s weapons of mass destruction comment. How did that go? Some overseas people were hacking into NZ firms involved with WMDs (growing the economy with arms sales anyone!?) so the GCSB need to be able to spy on NZers (but weren’t the hackers foriegn?). Hang on, they already did spy on NZers, they spied on over 80 people, but NO charges laid (hmmn, that’s odd). Oh look, Labour Green power policy announcement, thank God, hey North Korea everyone, reds under the bed……….let’s run with this and hope the PM’s memory fades are catching and that no one remembers WMDs, GCSB and protesting at sea being illegal now.

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