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April 23, 2013

Maunder – to talk incoherently or aimlessly; talk in a rambling, foolish or meaningless manner; move or act aimlessly or vaguely or in a confused manner; wander.

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Pills aren’t power

April 23, 2013

Macdoctor makes a welcome return to blogging with a post entitled power drugs which explains the differences between Pharmac and the LabourGreen plan for NZ Power.

Pills aren’t power.

Who’d want people who can’t understand the difference running the country?


Rural round-up

April 23, 2013
Lies, damned lies and statistics or historical facts about sheepmeat – Allan Barber:

A brief comparison of sheepmeat and milk solids prices since 1991 throws up some interesting facts. These give the lie to the belief that the dairy industry is consistently more profitable than the sheep sector.

The statement that there are three kinds of lie – lies, damned lies and statistics – is often attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister, but it was popularised by Mark Twain. Students of two of this country’s best known (and generally most profitable) agricultural commodities may find it hard to believe, but you can’t really argue with the facts.

In 1991 soon after I started my agricultural career in the stock and station industry before moving to the meat industry two years later, the price of lamb hit a low point of $14 a lamb; mutton was even worse, being down around $4 a ewe at the meat plant. In contrast the 1991 dairy payout was $3.40 per kilo of milk solids. . .

Committees starting point for law – Tim Fulton:

Environment Canterbury is assuring the public the plans it is generating in land and water committees won’t be obliterated by the Resource Management Act process. Tim Fulton examines what Hurunui-Waiau’s ground-breaking process means for other catchments.

Cantabrians have heard a lot about the exhaustive toil of their zone committees.

They have also had a sense that most of the recommendations will be merged into law.

The Hurunui-Waiau zone committee is the first to have its recommendations to a hearing panel measured against a Resource Management Act-based regional river plan. . .

My new job and youth employment – Milking on the Moove:

I’ve decide to trial a video blog, simply because I don’t seem to have much time to write a blog post any more.

So when I’m busy I’ll just talk about whats on my mind for 5 minutes and just post the video.

I’ll be honest and say I’m a little nervous about posting the video. I’ve followed people on blogs or read their books etc and formed an opinion about the person based on what they have written. . .

A cow portrait for the neighbours – Moon Over Martinborough:

When our neighbors John and Aussie Bronwyn announced that they were selling their property and moving away, CJ and I were mortified. More than anyone, those two have taught us how to live on 20 acres. How could they abandon us?

Aussie Bronwyn is our High Priestess of Chicken Wisdom. John lets CJ borrow and break his tractor on a regular basis. And every Tuesday we spend wild evenings with them – playing cards, accusing each other of cheating, and heading home to bed by 8:30pm. . .

The sun is up and so is the sparky (or the day began pear shaped) – Milk Maid Marian:

Dairy cows are rounded up before dawn but, today, they slept in. We had a bit of a disaster in the dairy last night that would have meant the girls missed breakfast. That certainly would not do, so while they waited for the sparky to weave his magic in the grain auger control box, this is how the cows enjoyed watching the sunrise. . .

Divide or grow?

April 23, 2013

Since coming to power in 2008 National has worked hard to get better value for every dollar, reduce public spending and implement policies which encourage savings, investment and export led growth.

The motivation for that and the result of it is a stronger economy and it’s working.

the economy is growing, interest rates are low, inflation is low and the high dollar which makes it difficult for exporters makes imports much cheaper.

That doesn’t just mean luxuries like electronic goods, it also means fuel, machinery and health supplies.

This is a government focussed on growth which will make the country more resilient, and better able to afford to look after those who need help.

The LabourGreen plan shows contempt for business and disdain for growth.

They are focussed on division of what’s already here rather than growth to make more available.

National is working hard to take the country forward. LabourGreen policies will take us backwards.

Two inches in old money

April 23, 2013

North Otago hasn’t been in drought like most other areas of New Zealand and irrigation insulates a good part of the district.

However, we were getting dry and were very pleased to get 50mms – two inches in old money – of rain in the last few days.

It’s still warm enough to get some growth before winter and will set us up well for spring.

And now for an even sillier idea

April 23, 2013

If you think the LabourGreen power plan is silly – Winston Peters has an even sillier one.

He wants the government to use Kiwisaver and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund to buy back Contact Energy and Mighty River Power.

Kiwisaver funds aren’t public. That money belongs to individual account holders.

The Superannuation Fund is supposed to help insulate future governments against the cost of superannuation in the future.

Its investment decisions are supposed to be based on sound financial considerations, balancing risk and return, not politics.

Won’t his elderly support group be delighted to know he’s prepared to take their savings and put politics before security?


Do they know what they’re doing?

April 23, 2013

One of the LabourGreen complaints about the sale of minority shares in a few state owned energy companies was that the country would lose out on the dividends.

Under the Mixed Ownership Model the government would still get at least 51% of the dividends and the tax on the rest.

Under the LabourGreen plan to set up a monopoly wholesale market they’re offering to forgo all dividends.

Another of the LabourGreen complaints about the sale of minority shares was that the company would be sold too cheaply and the buyers of shares would make money out of them.

Thanks to their preposterous plan it is likely the shares will sell for less than they otherwise would have and those who buy them will make even more money from them.

Do they know what they’re doing?

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