Word of the day

Stentorian – loud and powerful in sound or of voice.

One Response to Word of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Sometimes I am somewhat in awe when I recall a “first” encounter with a part of my past.
    My first encounter with this word is an example.

    Reading a document on the history of the Kaikoura (my birth place) A&P the pre loud speaker age was discussed and one Mr Crampton a settler from the Puhi Valley to the north of the town was the “ring announcer”.
    The article referred to him mounted on his ‘Cob’ with his ‘stentorian’ voice making ring announcements.
    I recall making a trip to the Oxford to discover what exactly the word meant as I was already acquainted with the word Cob.

    Trivia much eh.


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