“There might be dignity in work,” he said, “But there isn’t always pleasure.”

” Yes,” she said. “Try as I might to take a glass more than half-full approach, the only positive thing to say about doing some things is ‘they’re done’ when you’ve done them.”

2 Responses to Duty

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Of course for the optimists among us the Glass is always full even if the upper half is 1/10 oxygen and 2/5 nitrogen with the lower half a solution including Scotlands best.
    Oh and I never procrastinate, some tasks just never get prioritised.
    Love informing a party complaining about late payment that just making the draw requires a good attitude and theirs is very prejudicial.


  2. fredinthegrass says:

    One well-known, substantial North Island farmer used to place all accounts in a drawer. Once a month he pulled out three and paid them. On receiving a complaint from one of his creditors he opined “well you are in the draw(er)”


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