No good reason to vote for Labour

Anyone tuning into Q+A yesterday in the hope of finding a good reason to vote for Labour would do would have been disappointed after listening to David Shearer.

Shearer said:

” Well, what we had been saying before is a whole programme of economic development, capital gains tax, and in the short term-

. . . Well, what I’m saying is that what we need to do is to grow the economy in a way that it’s not growing at the moment, and we’ll be talking about Tiwai Point in a little while…one of the big problems about – no, no, let me finish – one of the biggest problems about that is that the exchange rate is so low that we’re seeing many of our businesses actually going out of business because they’re not being able to succeed. We’re not putting our money in the profitable sector; it’s going into the property market because we don’t have a capital gains tax that will help us direct money into those areas. And if you’re wanting to raise money, then at least put money into businesses- invest in businesses through the incentives of capital gains, and that brings, obviously, money into the government as well.

The low exchange rate was a slip of the tongue. The capital gains tax wasn’t and increasing tax is not going to help economic growth.

Wood’s final question was was what Labour would do for a 26 year-old woman living in Auckland earning $65,000 a year, paying off a student loan and renting.

To which he replied:

Well, two things – first of all, we would have a healthy home guarantee to make sure that where she’s living, in the rental accommodation that she’s living in, is actually up to scratch; it’s both heated and it’s insulated. The second thing that we would do is we’re building 10,000 houses, affordable homes, a year, and that would enable her to have an opportunity to get on to the housing ladder. So there are two specific things that I believe that would help that case.

That’s at best underwhelming and would be even less attractive with a capital gains tax which has done nothing to stop house prices rising steeply anywhere else.

3 Responses to No good reason to vote for Labour

  1. TraceyS says:

    That reply was so patronising. Like saying “there, there, darling nice warm house with a mortgage” and you’re all set. And hopefully you’ll meet a nice and well-off man who can help with that student loan when the kids come along. And they all live happily after. Is that really what young, educated, independent and intelligent women are looking for these days? Fairy-tales!

    The only thing turning red here was my cheeks.

    The text from his reply to that question scored 0.22 on the BlaBlah Bullshit Index “… shows some indications of ‘bullshit’-English, but is still within an acceptable range”.

    However, the text from his ramble about economic development and capital gains tax scored 0.43: “Something’s getting a bit fishy. You probably want to sell something, or you’re trying to impress somebody. It still may be an acceptable result for a scientific text.”



  2. JC says:

    Its an appalling reply to a woman earning more than twice the median wage.. worse, it says no matter how much you are privileged by wealth and education Labour is actively looking for ways to further advantage you.

    And of course, this young woman will then declare herself a housing victim and march in the streets under a banner of “Affordable homes for the Poor” and a cartoon of Bill English sporting a small black mustache.



  3. TraceyS says:

    He’s a role-model for the out of touch.


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