Accessory to a crime?

Yesterday I popped into two New Worlds.

One was in Queenstown which the law permits to open.

The other wasn’t in Queenstown but isn’t far away and the law says it shouldn’t have been open.

Does that make me, and all the other people who took advantage of shops anywhere except Queenstown and Taupo, accessories to the crime of opening a shop on Easter Sunday?

One Response to Accessory to a crime?

  1. Neil says:

    This post is like a cracked recod-every Easter Wanaka is closed and Queenstown is open. Nothing changes except the Labour Dept inspectors.
    I think I will lobby my MP Bill English to close ALL shops and petrol stations on Easter Friday/Sunday.Perhaps we shouldn’t be driving cars on those days !! We can all acknowledge the sanctity of those days !!!
    Seriously, shouldn’t free choice be given to the population !!!

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