Does DOC have too much land?

The job losses at DOC will be difficult for those affected but Director General Al Morrison says:

. . .  the new structure will maintain DOC’s own conservation delivery work while setting the department up to work more effectively with external partners.

“DOC must adapt if it is going to meet the conservation challenges that New Zealand faces – even if you doubled DOC’s budget tomorrow we would still be going ahead with this proposal.” . . .

There is no way the department’s budget could double in the current economic climate but has anyone asked why it would need to?

Could it have anything to do with the many thousands of extra hectares that have been added to the conservation estate under tenure review?

The costs of looking after the land are high enough when it’s part of a farming operation, the costs will be higher when done in isolation as DOC has to.

Left wing environment groups are upset at the prospect of the job losses but they are also the ones which advocate for more pastoral lease land to be retired under tenure review without any thought of the extra costs this imposes on DOC.

They also don’t acknowledge that the reason the land they want retired has high conservation values is due to the care of successive lessees and that if they were permitted to continue to care for it they would do so at no cost to the taxpayer.

2 Responses to Does DOC have too much land?

  1. Roger Barton says:

    Far too logical Ele..they’d never understand that.
    DOC would be welcome to open up a bank account where willing people, who think they need more funds, could make aproppriate sized donations on an ongoing basis. Alternately they could make themslves available for wilding pine work and pest eradication etc. This happens in a lot of areas already and most participants seem to enjoy making the contribution…just a thought.


  2. Mr E says:

    Tenure reviews is a bit of a tangent Ele and perhaps a stretch to join such dots. But I tend to agree. Most lessees have done a great job and DOCs efforts tend to pail in comparison. Regular visits to retired land reiterate this, although it is fair to say short term failings may result in long term gains… May is the choice word there.


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