Prime Minister John Key resisted the temptation to attack David Shearer for  his memory lapse:

It is “unfortunate” Labour leader David Shearer forgot to declare an offshore bank account with at least $50,000 in it since he became an MP, Prime Minister John Key says. . .

Key said the oversight was “unfortunate”, but mistakes could be made.

However, National had not had much support from Labour when that was the case in the past, he said.

“In the end he’s [Shearer] got to make peace with the New Zealand public,” Key said.

He had “tried not to” forget about investments worth $50,000, and he said Shearer’s bank account could hold quite a bit more than that.

Key had been criticised for failing to declare Tranz Rail shares. . .

Act leader John Banks was unable to resist the temptation.

Hon John Banks: Could the Minister for State Owned Enterprises tell me whether funds could be used from a secret bank account in New York to purchase shares in this initial public offering? [Interruption]

Mr SPEAKER: A legitimate question.

Hon TONY RYALL: That is a very good question, because if a New Zealander was one of the pre-registered 400,000 and they were able to get the benefits of that pre-registration in terms of their shares, they would have to pay for them. We would be unclear of whether the bank account was secret or not, but we would presume people would actually know they had a bank account.

Given the delight Labour took in criticising Banks for his memory lapse he could be excused this schadenfreude.

2 Responses to Schadenfreude

  1. Neil says:

    Labor cannot help digging the dirt no matter how trivial. People like Clayton Cosgrove,David Cunliffe,Darian Fenton and Sue Moroney just love wallowing in the dirt,but run for cover if the tables are turned.
    National’s actually not much better with people like Tau Henare. As for John Banks !!!!


  2. Richard says:

    Kiwiblog has a good post on Shearer and asks some questions:

    “And what the public will be wondering, even though it is none of their business, is why would you have several hundred thousand dollars in an US bank account, and not use it to pay down or off your mortgage. I mean no one sensibly wants to pay more interest to your bank than they have to.

    The only three answers I can come up with are:

    You’re financially incompetent and it never occurred to you.
    You’re so well off, that saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars off your mortgage doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things.
    There is some other reason to want to keep the money in the offshore account.

    Have I missed a significant possibility?”


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