Quote of the day from Q+A:

CORIN            And are you confident there will be much better decision-making, that these MOM companies, in general, are going to have better board making decisions?
BILL                I think mixed-ownership companies will, but there’s a real challenge for government with the lessons from Solid Energy. When you look ahead, the companies that the government will own all have their challenges – NZ Post with the shrinking postal market, TVNZ and the digital media environment, a coal company if there is still a coal company. And we are going to have to change the way we work with these companies to ensure that we don’t lose taxpayers’ money. Because the taxpayers’ money in these companies doesn’t come out of the sky; it comes from the PAYE and the GST paid by NZ households. And we have a strong responsibility for the stewardship of that money.

How good it is to have a Finance Minister who understands where the money comes from.

One Response to Stewardship

  1. Roger says:

    The comments by Bill English were the high point of a very average Q+A. Your post about the political scientist’s ignorant point that the drought “snuck up” was apposite. Fitzsimons’ note the reason the green energy companies failed was the withdrawl of a government subsidy and that the losses from green investments by Solid Energy was only a third of the losses from coal and therefore to be lauded not condemned were laughable if only it wan’t my taxes that suppported the whole rotten ambition.

    As I say Q+A wasn’t good – though Dr Scott Tinker should be more widely promoted. His interview with Kim Hill on Saturday was also very good.


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