Invasion of the broccoli snatchers

My garden has been invaded.

I suspect the culprits were white butterflies.

What do I do next time to deter them?


10 Responses to Invasion of the broccoli snatchers

  1. TraceyS says:

    Oh that IS sad!

    Try derris dust. It contains rotenone – a natural plant extract which is toxic to insects.


  2. pmofnz says:

    You’re trying save broccoli? I’d be encouraging every pestilence possible. That weed definitely does not fit into my definition of vege.


  3. David Winter says:

    For what it’s worth, despite being organic and natural, there is suggestive evidence for a link between rotenone exposure and Parkinson disease.

    It’s unlikely to be a big risk if you are carefully dusting the stuff around once a year, but you might consider a Bt based insecticide, as the active ingredient in those is very benign.


  4. Bulaman says:

    Derris dust or grow some tobacco. Harvest and grind it up, mix with water and spray on. google tobacco as an insecticide.


  5. TA says:

    It isn’t a chemical deficiency, rather a mineral imbalance in the soil. To correct it you would need to have the soil tested, an appropriate test that shows trace minerals as well as the more major ones.


  6. Dave Kennedy says:

    As you harvest your rhubarb, cover your broccoli with the discarded leaves, white butterfly avoid them and your growing heads will thrive unmolested.


  7. How big is that plant – you’re sure it isn’t possum damage? Looks a lot for white butterfly.

    Lot of butterfly around this year with crops being a bit stressed – do you have a greenfeed paddock nearby? Can be a source of large numbers attacking a home garden.

    White butterfly are apparently territorial, so a bunch of decoy butterfly is suggested by some:


  8. Brown says:

    Take up tennis practice. Raquets and butterflies not compatible and improves reaction time no end.


  9. fredinthegrass says:

    Gave up growing broccoli at this time of the year ages ago. ALL sprays are poisons – but the rhubarb works if you grow it, and the tennis racquet can be fun if a wee time consuming.


  10. White butterfly ravaged my salad greens, coriander, tomatoes and even some of the flowers such as Stock. I belatedly Derris Dusted, but over winter will prepare a new garden patch with a netting cover.


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