WIll it be a bottom line?

In a speech typically high on emotion and rhetoric Winston Peters says:

We will use every ounce of influence after the next election and all the financial measures available to us to buy back Mighty River Power shares at a price no higher than originally paid for them.

The only way he can do this is to make it a bottom line in negotiations over supply and confidence with the party which will lead the next government.

It would mean that New Zealand First makes full state ownership of an energy company a higher priority than schools, hospitals, roads, irrigation and other assets.

It would mean that the party isn’t troubled by the prospect of sabotaging the value of public and private shareholdings and destabilising the share market.

It would mean that if New Zealand First held the balance of power, there would have to be another election.

The re-natonalisation of MRP would be a bottom line National wouldn’t accept.

And although David Shearer hasn’t quite ruled out buying back the shares in Mighty River he knows the cost and it’s one no party which wants to be regarded as a careful steward of the economy could contemplate.

If Peters is making it a bottom line he’s ruling his party out of government.

If he’s not then it’s just another example of his hot air.



5 Responses to WIll it be a bottom line?

  1. inventory2 says:

    I welcome that bottom line Ele. It means that John Key can clearly and unequivocally rule out any post-election deal with Peters as he did to some considerable acclaim both in 2008 and 2011.

    Those who try to mischief-make by suggesting that John Key will have to flip-flop and crawl back to Peters will once again have egg on their faces.

  2. Neil says:

    Peter’s is a charlatan and snake oil salesman. He beguiles the ignorant and know nothings. His performance as a negative jeremiah makes him the worse poossible candidate for leadership.
    NZ First MP’s are losers, people with a vindictive attitude. People who look under their bed every night to see if the bogey man is there.
    NZ FIrst supporters live in the land of the cargo cult.

  3. Cadwallader says:

    My advice re Winston: Ignore him!

  4. JC says:

    All Winston said is he will try very hard to persuade persons or parties unknown to agree with him.. that promise can be fulfilled by talking to a rejuvenated Bill and Ben Party.

    Further, he says he will do this *after* the election, so its hardly a bottom line in any meaningful sense.

    At bottom all Winston needs to do is persuade enough people to take him from about 4.5% of the vote to 5%.. a few thousand extra Grumpies and he’s back in Parliament and able to laugh off any attempt to hold him to his opaque wording.


  5. scotty says:

    Key will bend over frontwards to accommodate Peters in 2014.
    as his principles have always been dwarfed by his ego.

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