The enemy of their enemy is Green’s new friend

The Green Party and New Zealand First have little in common except their opposition to National and the possibility they might be in coalition with Labour.

The divide between the two parties has widened with the Greens agreeing to cast Independent MP Brendan Horan’s vote when he isn’t physically in the debating chamber.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says the move by the Greens to help Horan can unfortunately be seen as legitimising his place in Parliament.

“There is no legitimate place in Parliament for Horan, now or in the future.

“And the Greens are wrong to say that his situation is similar to their exercising Hone Harawira’s proxy.

“Mr Harawira represents an electorate.

“Horan represents no one. For obvious reasons, New Zealand First does not want him and he should have resigned his list seat. . .

Peters might question the legitimacy of Horan’s status but his right to remain and MP is sanctioned by MMP.

A legal right is different from an ethical one, though.

Horan is only in parliament because he was on New Zealand First’s list and having left the party it’s not just Peters who thinks he should resign.

However, the Green Party, which likes to think it’s more ethical than others, isn’t above using his vote when it suits.

The enemy of their enemy is their new friend.


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