Why is NZ lamb tastier?

An email says:

A friend in London asked me about why Scottish lamb isn’t as good as New Zealand lamb. I thought you might know, or might know someone who knows what the actual difference in it is.

I’ve had lamb at Gleneagles and it was less dense in texture and a different flavour, perhaps more intense lanolin, but I am not sure.

All lamb isn’t equal.

John Key was one of the judges at the Glammies last year and said it was easy to detect  distinct differences in taste and texture between the entries.

A Spanish speciality is baby lamb which has a very different taste and texture from the older lamb we’re accustomed to.

Breeding and feeding both influence taste, even if the meat is prepared and cooked the same way.

I am not sure if climate and soils also have an influence which might explain why New Zealand lamb is tastier  than Scottish lamb and welcome answers to the email question from anyone who knows more.

4 Responses to Why is NZ lamb tastier?

  1. I dont know why/if NZ lamb is better than Scottish, but I like to hear that sort of feedback! 🙂

    Alliance Group Ltd did some work on Lamb Meat Quality which is interesting and gives some clues as to how we get tasty and tender lamb: http://www.alliance.co.nz/PDF/Lamb_Meat_Quality_booklet.pdf (895kb)

    One hidden advantage we have is actually our distance from market – chilled lamb gets to have a careful 5 week aging while on the boat to the UK. This can significantly improve eating quality and is logistically difficult for local (eg Scottish) lamb to achieve.

    I’d also note that although there are differences between individual lamb rumps tasted at the Glammies, they are all very good eating. And I can vouch for that from personal experience!

    Aaron Meikle
    Beef + Lamb New Zealand


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Aaron, I second your view on the quality of lamb at the Glammies.


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    In France and parts of the UK lambs graze in the salt marshes and develop a flavour based on the grasses and herbs they eat as part of their diet.These animals are much prized for their flavour.

    I suspect husbandry, location, aging and age of beast all have a part to play along with method of preparation.


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