Is anything of note happening here?

Many years ago a British TV programme lampooned New Zealand television for the items carried in the news.

I’m a little vague on the details but I think something to do with the theft of a few sheep had been a leading story at the time.

The implication was we were just a quaint little country where nothing of note happened.

Anyone whose been looking for serious current affairs on television could be forgiven for thinking this still applies.

Seven Sharp didn’t promise to be serious and has failed anyway.

I’d hoped for much better from TV3’s 3rd Degree. It promised much but delivered so little I stopped watching after a very few minutes.

I take it from several reviews, including One Guy too Many from Cactus Kate and why TV3 should hang its head in shame over ’3rd Degree’ and why I suspect Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner would agree with me from Brian Edwards, that I was wise to do so.

There’s one last chance for television this morning. Q & A starts at 9am.

A media release from TVNZ says:

We speak to the Government’s Mr Fix It, Steven Joyce, about the deals with Novopay and SkyCity, and question how committed the government is to creating new jobs.

Also on the programme, should marriage be solely between a man and woman; we hear from a gay couple who question why they’re being treated as second class citizens. We debate the same-sex marriage bill with Labour MP Louisa Wall and Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig, and ask if gay couples should be able to adopt.

On the panel this week is political scientist Dr Raymond Miller, publisher Ian Wishart, and former Labour party candidate Josie Pagani.

Join host Susan Wood and political editor Corin Dann on Q+A at 9am this Sunday on TV One.

I probably won’t be. I have other things on my agenda this morning – as do most other people at 9am on Sunday. But I will try to catch up with what happened on MySky later in the hope that maybe one little corner of television thinks there is something happening in New Zealand which people ought to know about.

3 Responses to Is anything of note happening here?

  1. Cadwallader says:

    I am not sure I’d hold your breath as to Q&A delivering the goods on current affairs. (I admit to having long been reliant on radio and blogs for current affairs.) Susan Wood has been sincere enough when I have heard her filling-in for Larry Williams on Newstalk, the problem is her articulation. She speaks too quickly, too flippantly and dismissively. It would not be intended I feel sure but the rapidity of her articulation paints her as a “smart-arse” more interested in her profile than the subject matter. I have no idea who the co-host is. The jury is out…


  2. Cadwallader says:

    PS It was Clive James who discerned the trivial nature of NZ current affairs. The lampoon featured a stolen caravan.


  3. Neil says:

    Watched Q&A and very disappointed. Susan Wood is all the place.The panel had Jose Pagani,a Labour Party activist,Raymond Miller feftist bias and Ian Wishart, conspiracy theory man.
    The gay debate was a verbal stouse with Louisa Wall trying to talk over everyone and Colin Craig looking to be struck down by Wall.
    If people want this way of life let them have it.


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