Oyster appeal lost on me

There are those who love oysters and there are those like me on whom the appeal of oysters is lost.

If you’re in the first camp you’ll be delighted to know that the season which opened last week is expected to be a good one:

They’re big, they’re juicy and they’re here.

About 180,000 Bluff oysters, 15,000 dozen, were dredged in Foveaux Strait yesterday on the first day of the oyster season.

Bluff Oyster Management Company spokesman and Barnes Oysters manager Graeme Wright said skippers were happy with the first catch and the haul was as good as last year.

The oysters tasted “bloody good” and were quite large, he said.

Eleven oyster boats went out and early indications were it could be a healthy season, Mr Wright said.

Oystermen spent the first day combing the large area looking for good spots, he added.

“So far it’s looking pretty good but the weather wasn’t pleasant on the strait”. . .

I won a dozen oysters in a National party raffle last year but they weren’t wasted – my farmer had his own share and mine.

It helped him get over an incident a few weeks earlier when I’d noticed the use-by date on a pottle of oysters had passed and gave the last couple to the dog.

2 Responses to Oyster appeal lost on me

  1. This just has to be the most shameful, appalling, incomprehensible post you’ve put up … ever, Ele. 🙂

  2. Dogs deserve only the best!!!

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