Mayor’s office $10,000/day

It costs around $10,000 to run the office of Auckland mayor Len Brown.

Total annual expenditure for its second year increased 8.3% and travel costs were up by 435%.

Auckland Councillor for Orakei Cameron Brewer requested the official information for the second year running. He says the Mayor is clearly not walking his talk of council constraint and cut-backs.
“He’s going around assuring people that he’s supposedly prudent, but his own office costs point to some worrying escalation in the past couple of years. . .

“This is not any ordinary office, this is a ratepayer-funded campaign machine and people wonder why no one’s prepared to stand against him and his army of advisors and consultants.”

This is New Zealand’s biggest local authority but the size and cost of the office seem to be excessive.

I wonder how these figures compare on a per capita basis with other local authorities.



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