Only one life

A friend died last weekend.

At his funeral yesterday we heard of many accidents and escapades which could have cost him his life, but like a cat with nine, he survived.

One of those left him in a coma which he wasn’t expected to survive. When he came round he had multi disabilities but he overcame them, learned to walk and talk again and the only long-term impact was a tendency to slur his words.

However, his death was the result of another accident and as no-one knew exactly where he was working it took Search and Rescue a long time to find him.

There are several lessons to be learned from this life cut short.

The biggest is that we all have only one life.

One Response to Only one life

  1. Andrei says:

    Death is part of life – I think most Kiwis are too sheltered from it and try and hide it away.

    Then when it forces itself upon their conciousness, as it does when someone they know dies, feel their is something indecent and unnatural about it.

    Even the closed coffins at most Pakeha funerals are a state of denial, I don’t like that.


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