Critisicm but no alternatives

The Opposition has been quick to criticise Hekia Parata’s proposals for education in Canterbury but have offered no alternatives.

Labour leader, David Shearer doesn’t even seem to understand the issue:

David Shearer: Does he not concede that closing schools in Christchurch following a natural disaster, where kids require and rely on stability and security from their schools, is manifestly different from closing schools under the Labour Government?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: This is the logic that the Leader of the Opposition is wanting New Zealanders to believe: that on the back of a catastrophic earthquake in Christchurch that has dramatically changed the demographic patterns of where Cantabrians live, where there is huge damage to the schools involved and where the land is substantially damaged, nothing should happen. . .

Some schools have had extensive damage, others have lost large numbers of pupils.

Leaving the schools open wouldn’t be in the best interests of the pupils nor would it be best use of public money.

The opposition might think damaged buildings and under utilised facilities isn’t a problem but the government does and has a $1 billion dollar programme of investment to solve it.

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