Business prefers four year term

An NBR poll of subscribers shows strong support for a four year parliamentary term.

A decisive majority – 88% were in favour of an extra year between elections and only 12% were against the proposal.

That’s not surprising.

NBR subscribers are likely to be involved in business and business doesn’t like uncertainty that comes in election year.

But it’s not only businesses who get frustrated.

A friend who manages a trust which gets public funding to provide social services says the election year hiatus is very frustrating, disrupts services and stalls progress.

One Response to Business prefers four year term

  1. Andrei says:

    Oh I don’t know about there being “uncertainty”, we are guaranteed that whoever gains the treasury benches that we will have BIG GOVERNMENT, nanny state, interfering busy bodies running this country into the ground and growing the public service like the necrotic tumour it has become

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