Knowing when to go

Pope Benedict XVI has broken with tradition by announcing he will resign at the end the month.

It’s a very sensible decision to stand down if he feels he is no longer able to do what’s required, rather than hanging on to die in office as his predecessors have done for centuries.

Too often people cling on to a position in business, politics, sport or voluntary organisations, instead of stepping back with their dignity intact before their ability, health, energy and/or  enthusiasm falters.

It isn’t always easy to know when to go but it’s always better to choose to go when you’re still making a positive contribution and can use your talents elsewhere or simply slow down and smell the roses.

The alternative is to be pushed, implicitly or explicitly because you’re no longer up to the job.


One Response to Knowing when to go

  1. Andrei says:

    I don’t think Pope Benedict XVI was in any danger of being “pushed”.

    Europe is headed for dark times, the writing is on the wall and the Church must remain a beacon of light, the Pope knows this.

    May his successor be up to the task.

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